All the hits, all the time: articles and interviews with your favorite musicians.

The Allman Brothers Band
“Nothing weighs as much as a heartache.”
Feature article, circa November 1999, on the band’s thirtieth anniversary.

Tori Amos
“Socks and mittens are my friends.”
Feature article, circa March 1996, on the release of Boys for Pele.

The Arcade Fire
“The human imagination isn’t equipped to deal with the idea of eternal life.”
Feature article, circa May 2007, on the release of Neon Bible.

“There were definitely lyrics and they were very meaningful. I think.”
Formatted interview, circa February 2008, on the release of the “Deluxe Edition” of Odelay.

“Apparently people don’t realize I’m serious! I want everyone to take off their pants!”
Feature article, circa August 2000, during the tour for Enema of the State.

Blink-182 in the Mideast
“We’re going to play one more song, and then I’m going to write my senator about getting you some more air conditioners here.”
Feature article, circa September 2003, on a tour for US military personnel.

“I understand why people are suspicious of us. I’d be suspicious of us.”
Feature article, circa July 1996, during the tour for Sixteen Stone.

Kurt Cobain
“Just having a baby makes you so much more optimistic.”
Remembrance, circa June 1994, immediately after his death.

Leonard Cohen
“I did the only thing I know how to do, which is sing songs and wash dishes. Well, there’s no money in dishes.”
Feature article, circa October 2014, on the release of Popular Problems.

Sean “Puffy” Combs
“I’m tired of life hurting me, I’m tired of women hurting me, I’m tired of shit not being fair.”
Formatted interview, circa September 1997, on the release of No Way Out.

“I like the idea of speaking to dragons telepathically.”
Feature article, circa March 1996, on the release of Gangsta’s Paradise.

The Darkness
“Less is more? That’s bollocks.”
Feature article, circa November 2005, on the release of One Way Ticket to Hell… and Back.

Depeche Mode
“There’s microchips in our skin. One day they’ll make us walk to the factory and turn us all into biscuits.”
Feature article, circa May 1997, on the release of Ultra.

Dr. Luke
“How can it be a hit without lasers and cymbals?”
Feature article, circa April 2010, while working on projects that included Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream.

“Go get some cinnamon rolls and we’ll be hitting the strip clubs!”
Feature article, circa May 1996, during the tour for Sparkle and Fade.

Wyclef Jean
“My grandfather used to get these books from Egypt and study black magic.”
Feature article, circa October 2000, on the release of The Ecleftic.

Lenny Kravitz
“Well, I’ve gotten high with the best of them: Mick, Neil Young.”
Feature article, circa June 2004, on the release of Baptism.

John Cougar Mellencamp
“If you aren’t careful in the music business, you can become a skin puppet.”
Feature article, circa November 2004, on the release of Words and Music.

“I don’t know why everyone thought we were special.”
Feature article, circa November 1993, on the release of In Utero.

“Noel wins the arguments. But I win the fights.”
Feature article, circa January 1996, on the release of (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?

“Picture me out in a field boxing a kangaroo with makeup running down my face, crying about something that happened a week ago.”
Feature article, circa September 2009, during the tour for Funhouse.

“We don’t get any fan mail, either. Which I’m quite grateful for.”
Feature article, circa October 1997, on the release of Portishead.

“I promptly fell off the stage.”
Feature article, circa June 2008, during the tour for Accelerate.

Gene Simmons
“Fuck being humble!”
Q&A, circa November 1998, during the tour for Psycho Circus.

Gwen Stefani
“I’m super-stubborn, I have a big ego, and I can never admit when I’m wrong.”
Q&A, circa August 2001, prior to the release of Rock Steady.

Taylor Swift
“I like being number one.”
Feature article, circa May 2008, during the tour for Taylor Swift.

Steven Tyler
“Forgiveness is like giving your soul a blowjob.”
Q&A, circa October 1997, during the tour for Nine Lives.

U2 at Live Aid
“I don’t like the distance between stage and crowd.”
Tick-tock, circa July 2014, for the 29th anniversary of Live Aid.

U.S.A. for Africa
“We do proms too, babes.”
Tick-tock, circa March 2015, for the 30th anniversary of “We Are the World.”

Velvet Revolver
“We took the days of the charter 727 to a whole new level of debauchery.”
Feature article, circa July 2004, on the release of Contraband.

“I’m sitting here dicking around and all the girls are escaping!”
Feature article, circa February 1997, during the tour for Pinkerton.