Letters from England

I spent the entire calendar year of 1998 in England, writing and travelling. While I was there, I wrote some letters and essays, which I sent back to all my American friends in an effort to explain the British landscape to them. (It seemed more productive than just complaining about how I hadn’t seen sunshine in weeks.) They’re organized roughly chronologically below.

Breakfast Cereal
And the infinite entertainment available in Sainsbury’s.

My First Week
Seven days that shook a nation.

Strangely addictive British television.

Camden Town
My home for many months.

Top of the Pops
The world’s best music television show.

In twenty-one varieties.

Light Bulbs
So much stranger than you imagined.

The tale of the angry editorial and the apology.

World Cup Songs
“And a bucket of vindaloo.”

Carbonated Beverages
Pepsi Max was ultimately released in the United States as Pepsi One.

My Refrigerator
The wretched appliance.

Regent’s Park
The green omphalos of the civilized world.