The British seem to have a nearly inexhaustible appetite for ham. A variety of ham that would do a very nontraditional Baskin-Robbins outlet proud is on sale at my local Sainsbury’s. I’m not even considering the jambon, prosciutto, or salami that is also available behind the deli counter. But you have a choice of:

Parma Ham

Serrano Ham

Rind on Roast Ham with Honey

Honey & Clove Ham

Honey Roast Ham

Honey Basted Ham

Mild Cured Cooked Ham

Premium Honey Roast Ham

Wiltshire Ham

Traditional Hand Carved Ham on the Bone

Cathedral City Cheddar Lattice Ham

Lancashire Ham

Lancashire Ham with Apple

Boiled Ham

Honey Roast Ham on the Bone (Knuckle)

Drury Honey Roast Ham on the Bone (Knuckle)

Yorkshire Honey Roast Ham on the Bone (Knuckle)

Oven Baked Ham

Yorkshire Ham

Wafer Thin Cooked Ham

Wafer Thin Honey Roast Ham

If you can’t find a ham you like, I guess you’re not trying.