British Breakfast Cereal

They don’t believe in sugared cereal over here, even going so far as to stock Coco Pops in the snacks aisle of the supermarket, between the chocolate bars and the Walker’s Crisps (with the Spice Girls on the front of the package). If they’re going to deviate from toast or a big “fry-up” over here, they seem to want it to be healthful, and preferably made of bran. Kippers are nowhere in sight. So a stroll down the cereal aisle at the local Sainsbury’s supermarket reveals:

All-Bran Plus
High-Fibre Bran
Bran Buds
All-Bran Bite-Size
Oat and Bran Flakes
Sultana Bran

The last is Raisin Bran with a posh accent. A few other American cereals have made it across the Atlantic, including Cheerios, Frosties (aka Frosted Flakes), Corn Flakes, Frosted Wheats (which are apparently considered sufficiently jumbo here as to not require any dimunitive Mini in the name), Special K, and Rice Krispies. On the last, Snap, Crackle and Pop are rendered in some overly vivid 3-D style, like they just stepped out of a Wallace and Gromit cartoon. Also in the aisle:

Maple & Pecan Crisp
Banoffee Crisp (banana and toffee: two great tastes that taste great together)
Honey Nut Hoops
Shreddies (“Keeps hunger locked up!”)
Oat Krunchies
Nesquik (?!?)
Strike! (a soccer-themed cereal)
Sugar Puffs

The last has a truly hideous cartoon character on the front of its box. The corpulent form of Mr. Sugar Puff is some odd hybrid of Jabba the Hutt and Dr. Samuel Johnson.