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It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad TV Show

The second season of everybody’s favorite new TV show, Mad Men, starts July 27 on AMC. I recently visited the show and saw the capacious set of the Sterling Cooper advertising agency: the desks had IBM Selectric typewriters, the ashtrays were filled with lipstick-stained cigarette butts, and the secretaries were wearing tight dresses and foundation […]

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Friday Foto: Flipwalks #27-30

This is a little embarrassing. When I moved across the country last year, I misplaced some of the notes and supporting materials relating to my flipwalks. Specifically, I don’t seem to have any information on flipwalks #28, 29, and 30. (I do have a notebook that seems to have all my notes on flipwalks 31 […]

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1988 Countdown: Lacuna

I’m on the road today, so you’ll have to wait until next Tuesday to find out what the #91 video is. But I’ll take the opportunity to tell you about one song that isn’t on this countdown at all: Debbie Gibson’s “Foolish Beat.” The ballad hit #1 on the Billboard singles chart in June 1988, […]

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Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron

It’s a law of rock that a supergroup will split up superacrimoniously, and you’ve probably heard that’s what happened this year with Velvet Revolver: Scott Weiland ditched the band to return to Stone Temple Pilots, leaving the rest of the group to look for a lead singer again (and bat away rumors that they’d reunite […]

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1988 Countdown: Commercial Break #4

The break starts with another excellent animated MTV promo. (Whoever was in charge of these must have been having a blast.) This one stars marionettes in a drawing room that appears to be inspired by Marie Antoinette. The sexiest marionette, with a drink in hand and red pants so tight they look like they were […]

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Unlikely Lyrics

The first installment in an irregular series of posts, highlighting some of the more improbable lyrics I run across. Writing about “Always on My Mind” got me listening to my old Pet Shop Boys albums. Generally, they hold up really well, but Introspective does have a few clunkers. Neil Tennant mispronounces “Debussy.” He fails to […]

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Log-Rolling in Our Time

I relaunched this website about two months ago and haven’t done much to promote it, other than emailing a bunch of friends to let them know I had found a new way to waste time. But I hugely appreciate everyone who’s linked to it, and this seems like a good moment to be reciprocal: My […]

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Friday Foto: Texas Tent

A few years ago, I brought my camera along to a (long, dull) video shoot for Los Lonely Boys, in a small town about an hour north of Austin, Texas. This was my favorite picture of the day. (More flipwalks next week.)

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1988 Countdown #92: Pet Shop Boys, “Always on My Mind”

There are two essential out-of-print music books that I own only in treasured Xerox copies. One is Jon Savage’s The Kinks: The Official Biography. The other is Chris Heath’s Pet Shop Boys, Annually. I had never thought until today about the similarities between Ray Davies and Neil Tennant–British songwriters with a particular gift for lonely […]

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Good Grief

I’ve got another piece up at the Barnes and Noble Review: this one‘s a short review of The Complete Peanuts: 1967 to 1968. Two additional buying recommendations in a similar vein: 1. Schulz and Peanuts, the stellar biography from last year by David Michaelis. 2. Any previous volume of The Complete Peanuts (or all of […]

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