Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron

It’s a law of rock that a supergroup will split up superacrimoniously, and you’ve probably heard that’s what happened this year with Velvet Revolver: Scott Weiland ditched the band to return to Stone Temple Pilots, leaving the rest of the group to look for a lead singer again (and bat away rumors that they’d reunite with Axl Rose). So with STP currently on the road, however rockily, I thought it’d be a fine time to put this article in the archives: a Velvet Revolver profile I wrote back in 2004, before they hated each other. (Fans take sides too: the audience at one show I attended started chanting “Fuck Axl!” Slash’s response: “Is that really necessary?”) In the four years after this article was published, Weiland’s troubles with addiction, rehab, and arrests recurred. And Chinese Democracy still hasn’t come out.

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