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R42 Mailbag: Meiert Avis

Now and then, this website attracts correspondence or comments from the people that I write about: the cowriter of Bryan Adams’ “Summer of 69,” the bassist from Information Society, the actor who starred in Poison’s video for “Nothin’ But a Good Time.” I was delighted the other day to get email from Meiert Avis, who […]

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Top Five Looks in Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” Video

1. Springsteen, with sideburns, in blue jeans, a thick black belt, and a white short-sleeve shirt half-unbuttoned. 2. Clarence Clemons, with sunglasses and a high-top fade. 3. Max Weinberg, in a paisley shirt and vest, with a puffy haircut that looks like it’s trying to escape from his scalp. 4. Roy Bittan, with a pre-grunge […]

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Mondegreen Update

I’m basically out of the mondegreen business these days, but I still file away misheard lyrics, and recently had two that you may find interesting. The first was from Jay-Z on his “Empire State of Mind” single with Alicia Keys. I thought he was rapping “Long live the World Trade / Long live the Kingdome,” […]

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Darkness on the Edge of Town

I finally watched The Promise: The Making of Darkness on the Edge of Town on HBO, and was reminded anew how much I love Bruce Springsteen’s fourth album. This is a discovery I seem to make periodically: the last time was in 2003, when I reviewed the record in Rolling Stone (as part of the […]

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Spanish Johnny Proves Slow on the Uptake

From Bruce Springsteen’s “Incident on 57th Street”: Puerto Rican Jane, oh, won’t you tell me, what’s your name? Dude, you know her name. It’s “Puerto Rican Jane.”

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1988 Countdown #55: Bruce Springsteen, “One Step Up”

(New to the countdown? Catch up here.) Kevin Seal returns! Over the past four-plus hours, he customarily introduces videos only when returning from a commercial break. But coming out of the Poison video, he has a Bruce Springsteen interview clip to set up. Seal notes that Tunnel of Love was Springsteen’s first studio album in […]

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Top Five Bruce Springsteen Songs Without a Chorus

1. “Meeting Across the River” 2. “Nebraska” 3. “Seeds” 4. “Cautious Man” 5. “Wild Billy’s Circus Story” More than I expected, but I’m sure there’s others I didn’t think of. Some of them would work better as talking blues than others. “Seeds” seems the most anomalous, by virtue of being an uptempo rocker.

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The Springsteen Files

I deeply regret that Springsteen did not conclude his Super Bowl performance by playing a verse of “Outlaw Pete” (the first song on his new album, Working on a Dream) and then segueing into a barn-burning cover of Kiss’s “I Was Made for Loving You” (which hit #11 in 1979). If you’ve missed it, the […]

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Single-Disc River

Wow, The River has a lot of filler. How much? If you pare away all the generic rockers (e.g. “I’m a Rocker”) and other dross on Bruce Springsteen’s 1980 double album, you have plenty of room left over for “Roulette,” a thundering track about a nuclear accident. (It was recorded during the River sessions but […]

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1988 Countdown #90: Natalie Cole, “Pink Cadillac”

Top of the hour: MTV does a 30-second station ID. The network had retired the classic astronaut footage by 1988, but kept the theme song. This spot is a nifty piece of animation featuring the MTV logo in a gyroscope, with close-ups on doors and windows opening up all over the logo, revealing naked bicycle […]

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