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I Know Times Are Changing

A few weeks ago, I was driving across North Carolina to interview a photographer–but halfway to my destination, I needed to pull over someplace where I could do two crucial interviews for an article I was writing for The New York Times about Originals, the next album drawn from Prince’s vaults. That’s how I ended […]

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Friday Foto: Computer Blue

This picture requires some explanation. That’s my left hand holding a diskette that I was sent by Prince’s PR reps circa 1993 (when I was a music editor at Details). That generation of disk is an artifact by itself, but what makes this one particularly interesting is that it had the software patches necessary to […]

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Happy Boxing Day

Prince’s “Another Lonely Christmas,” a song about an obsession with a dead lover who died on Christmas, is both excellent and demented. It has qualities that distinguish it from the rest of Prince’s catalog: for example, it’s the only song of his I can think of where he gets goofy on alcohol (as opposed to […]

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On the day of Prince’s second show at the L.A. Forum, some stray thoughts and observations from the amazing first show that I didn’t have room for in my review last week: 1. Los Angelenos show up late and leave early. Although the ticket said 7:30 and there was no opening act, at around 8:45, […]

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His Name Is Prince

And he is funky. And I saw him last night at the fabulous Forum, on the opening night of his 21-show residency in Los Angeles, and I reviewed it for Rolling Stone‘s website.

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1988 Countdown #67: Prince, “Alphabet St.”

(The countdown’s back! If it’s new to you, you can catch up here.) We open on Prince in a powder-blue polka-dot shirt, lying on the ground. “Owwww!” he comments. The background has lots of floating and rotating letters of, well, the alphabet. The blue-screen effects probably were moderately expensive in 1988, but the overall look […]

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The Artist Currently Known as Prince

Prince has a new album out: another three-disc package (his fifth, by my count). My review is in the latest issue of Rolling Stone; you can also read it now on their website. A few other things Prince and Woody Allen have in common: (1) they’re short (2) they’re basketball fans (3) they were funnier […]

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Top Five: Double Your Pleasure

Nobody batted an eye at the Beatles releasing two albums in a year. (In 1965, they put out Help! and Rubber Soul, not to mention a movie and a few killer non-LP singles such as “Ticket to Ride” and “We Can Work It Out.” Oh, they also toured the States and John Lennon put out […]

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