Happy Boxing Day

Prince’s “Another Lonely Christmas,” a song about an obsession with a dead lover who died on Christmas, is both excellent and demented. It has qualities that distinguish it from the rest of Prince’s catalog: for example, it’s the only song of his I can think of where he gets goofy on alcohol (as opposed to sex or God): “I drink banana daiquiris til I’m blind.” But it’s also an unusual Christmas song for anybody, because it’s actually set on December 26 (as established by the opening lyric: “Last night I spent another lonely Christmas”). It’s really a Boxing Day song!

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  1. Chris M. Says:

    Is it possible that “last night” refers to Christmas Eve (in which case the song takes place on Christmas Day)?

    Maybe in Prince’s ideal Christmas he takes his ladyfriend to midnight Mass—to, y’know, commune with the God who talks to him in his songs all the time.

  2. Tom Nawrocki Says:

    Ben Folds Five’s “Brick,” which is the most depressing song ever, also takes place on Boxing Day: “Six a.m., day after Christmas….”

  3. Gavin Says:

    Good catch, Tom. From a sample size of two, I confidently declare that all Boxing Day songs are incredibly sad.

  4. Niki Says:

    Gavin. You are the shit.

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