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It’s a Nice Day for a Red Wedding

This post about Game of Thrones is spoiler-free, except for the way this sentence alludes to the fact that HBO aired an episode about the “Red Wedding” last night. It seemed like an opportune time for me to pull out an excerpt from a conversation I had in 2012 with showrunners David Benioff and D.B. […]

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Friday Foto: I’m Watching –TV

Photographed last month in Seattle.

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Lost and Found

It’s the last week of Lost, so let’s get in the wayback machine and revisit the first season, when Dominic Monaghan was the show’s breakout star–so much so that the producers pledged they would never kill off his character, Charlie! (Oops.) I went to Hawaii to profile Monaghan in the middle of that season; I’ve […]

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Let’s Get Lost

Back in 2005, I wrote the cover story for the Rolling Stone Hot Issue, on Lost star Evangeline Lilly. I also had a sidebar with various bits of information on Lost, which was then entering its second season, including “There Are More Survivors” and “Easter Eggs Abound.” One section was more controversial than the others: […]

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Housecleaning: Olivia Wilde

I decided to empty out my notebook of all the past House-related stories I’ve written, and despite complaints last week from commenter “James” that Olivia Wilde is a blight both upon the show and the American potato crop, I’m proceeding with a short profile I wrote on her last year, still timely given that she […]

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A House Is Not a Home

Last year, House did something unusual for a hit TV show entering its fifth season: the creators looked at its weaknesses and did something about them. The medical-mystery scripts were still witty but had become painfully predictable (three wrong diagnoses from Dr. House every week each before he figured out what was going on). So […]

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