Lost and Found

It’s the last week of Lost, so let’s get in the wayback machine and revisit the first season, when Dominic Monaghan was the show’s breakout star–so much so that the producers pledged they would never kill off his character, Charlie! (Oops.)

I went to Hawaii to profile Monaghan in the middle of that season; I’ve put the resulting article up in the archives. This is a somewhat longer version than was printed in the magazine; most of the material that got cut dealt with the show (as opposed to Monaghan’s life), so it may be of interest to Lostologists.

An excerpt that seems relevant, although the show didn’t last as long as Monaghan predicted:

“I honestly don’t know how they make sense of where we are,” Monaghan says of the show’s creators. “They say they know. But they could say they know until September of 2011 and then go, ‘Oh fuck, you know what? We don’t know. See you later, enjoy the DVDs!’” 

A side note: At the time of this article, I was playing Lord of the Rings journalist bingo, trying to interview as many of the actors who played the nine members of the Fellowship as possible. I wrote this piece on Monaghan, and for it conducted a phone interview with fellow hobbit Billy Boyd. Similarly, when I did an article on Sean Astin, I chatted with Elijah Wood and improbably managed to get Sir Ian McKellan on the phone. I did a short profile of Viggo Mortensen. When I wrote about the TV show Revelations for TV Guide, I insisted on interviewing John Rhys-Davies (who had a supporting role), just to round out the set. That’s seven out of nine; I still haven’t wrangled Orlando Bloom or Sean Bean. I’ve also interviewed plenty of other people who worked on the trilogy, from WETA technicians right up to Peter Jackson, but they don’t qualify under the self-imposed rules of this celebrity-profile scavenger hunt.

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