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Friday Foto: Drive Shaft

One last photo from the set of Lost. Here we see Dominic Monaghan and Matthew Fox hanging out on the set (under a canopy), waiting to shoot their scenes. Note the DS ring on Monaghan (his character’s band’s name was Drive Shaft) and the wound on his neck (his character had recently survived a hanging). […]

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Lost and Found

It’s the last week of Lost, so let’s get in the wayback machine and revisit the first season, when Dominic Monaghan was the show’s breakout star–so much so that the producers pledged they would never kill off his character, Charlie! (Oops.) I went to Hawaii to profile Monaghan in the middle of that season; I’ve […]

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Friday Foto: Lost Cause

A photo from 2004, when I visited the Lost set in Hawaii; the show was halfway through filming its first season. Those are prop corpses, laid out on the apron of a trailer in the parking lot nearby the location shoot. I believe they were meant to be people who didn’t survive the plane crash, […]

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Let’s Get Lost

Back in 2005, I wrote the cover story for the Rolling Stone Hot Issue, on Lost star Evangeline Lilly. I also had a sidebar with various bits of information on Lost, which was then entering its second season, including “There Are More Survivors” and “Easter Eggs Abound.” One section was more controversial than the others: […]

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