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Twenty Years Ago in Details: February 1992

This was, I believe, the fourth issue of Details I worked on as a staffer. (Before that, I was freelancing for it while I worked as a copy editor at a computer magazine; I filed scads of record reviews, and then articles on industrial music, Dinosaur Jr., and Marky Mark.) There were a lot of […]

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Me and Mr. Jones

Like a salmon swimming upstream, I have returned to the pages of Details. Well, one page: the last one in the new (September 2011) issue, which has my short interview with Steve Jones. Not “Jonesy,” the Sex Pistol with the much-missed radio show–this Steve Jones is the charming rake who will be hosting The X […]

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Lust for Life

With the recent release of I Love You Philip Morris, it seemed like a propitious moment to add my Details cover story on Ewan McGregor to the archives. It dates from 1997, when he was filming the Star Wars prequels and starring in A Life Less Ordinary (an off-kilter romantic comedy that I thoroughly enjoyed, […]

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None of You Will Ever Know My Intentions

Earlier this year, I promised to add this article to the archives of this site: my 1993 cover story for Details on Nirvana. I delayed for a variety of reasons–first among them that I find it a hard article to put in context. Reading the piece now, I’m acutely aware of my own youth and […]

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Many Rivers to Cross

I have another feature article in Rolling Stone that’s not available online: this time, it’s a profile of Rivers Cuomo, who I’ve known on-and-off for about fifteen years (I edited two pieces he wrote for Details about life on the road; you can read them here and here). If you’re interested in my 1997 article […]

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Kurt Cobain, 1967-1994

Kurt Cobain died fifteen years ago this week. When I heard the news, I bolted from the office of Details magazine (my then-employer) and went home to Brooklyn to find my Nirvana notebooks. I had toured around Germany with Nirvana in 1991, as Nevermind was becoming a blockbuster hit, and done another extensive interview with […]

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The Irresistible Rise of Amy Poehler

You may have heard that Amy Poehler is leaving Saturday Night Live in November to, in order, have a baby with husband Will Arnett and star in a new NBC sitcom created by Greg Daniels of The Office. (There are conflicting reports, but apparently it’s not an actual Office spinoff.) Just about exactly ten years […]

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The Gavin Report

Flipping through radio stations in the car yesterday, I heard Gavin Rossdale’s solo single, “Love Remains the Same,” which has not been a monster hit, but evidently is getting some airplay. In the ’90s, I wrote about Gavin (and his band Bush) often enough that Gavin and I called each other “my namesake.” This article […]

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I almost wrote a college recommendation for Rivers Cuomo. Between Weezer and Pinkerton, he had decided to go back to college, and so he left me a voicemail asking if I would write him a recommendation for his Harvard application. We weren’t able to connect on the phone for a few hours, and by the […]

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Ears Deluxe

Deluxe magazine was a very fine but short-lived men’s magazine in the UK, circa 1998. I knew its editor, Andrew Harrison, because he had been my successor as music editor at Details. (He provided many amusing moments in the office, including his British bafflement at the Offspring: “What is this ‘self-esteem’? I’ve never heard of […]

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