The Irresistible Rise of Amy Poehler

You may have heard that Amy Poehler is leaving Saturday Night Live in November to, in order, have a baby with husband Will Arnett and star in a new NBC sitcom created by Greg Daniels of The Office. (There are conflicting reports, but apparently it’s not an actual Office spinoff.) Just about exactly ten years ago, I wrote a long feature article about the Upright Citizens Brigade, the comedy troupe that included Poehler. You can read it here and see how a request to take something off the record became more entertaining than I ever imagined was possible.

The UCB television show lasted for three seasons. Poehler and Besser broke up soon after the publication of this article. Poehler has had the most successful career of anyone in the UCB, but all the members have worked steadily, creating a variety of shows for Comedy Central and appearing in Hollywood films ranging from Walk Hard to Bring It On. The “Little Donny” film was ultimately broadcast on Comedy Central, with the help of some pixellation. The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre has changed locations twice in the past decade, becoming one of the most important comedy venues in New York City; the UCB Sunday-night improv show (ASSSSCAT) continues to this day.

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