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This One I Used a Full Keyboard

A short Q&A with the mighty Joe Perry.

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The First Article I’ve Ever Typed and Filed on My Phone

Is this: my short report on the Aerosmith press conference today. While I was waiting to interview the band afterwards (followup article soon), I wrote a rough draft on paper, typed it up, emailed it in, and hello world.

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The Most Random Dylan Quote Ever

It has to be Steven Tyler adding a whole “Baby, let me follow you down” section to “Dude (Looks Like a Lady),” doesn’t it?

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The Backstage Boogie Set Your Pants on Fire

As promised a couple of months ago, I’ve added my 1997 Q&A with Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler to the archives; you can read it here. This interview was the first installment in the “Rites of Passage” column found on the back page of Details; we both had a lot of fun with it. Tyler […]

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Hey Diddle Diddle With the Kitty in the Middle

Shotguns, bologna sandwiches, and rehab: that’s the summary version of my recent interview with Steven Tyler, lead singer of Aerosmith. If you want the details, you can pick up the new issue of Maxim (it’s my first piece for them; Joanna Krupa is on the cover), or just read it on their website here. It […]

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Accelerate This Way

Two short items by me went up in recent days on the Rolling Stone website: a review of R.E.M.’s show last week at the Hollywood Bowl and an item on Joe Perry writing the music for “Walk This Way” (part of the “100 Greatest Guitar Songs of All Time” package). I am pleased to report […]

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