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Flipping through radio stations in the car yesterday, I heard Gavin Rossdale’s solo single, “Love Remains the Same,” which has not been a monster hit, but evidently is getting some airplay. In the ’90s, I wrote about Gavin (and his band Bush) often enough that Gavin and I called each other “my namesake.” This article was the first one, a cover story for the Details “Music Issue” in 1996. It includes a visit to the Buffalo Memorial Auditorium a week before they tore it down, and my front-row seat for the early stages of Gavin’s courtship with Gwen Stefani (now his wife). The story was written during that brief moment when grunge-flavored rock bands kept topping the singles charts. Bush were thought to live on the crass commercial end of that spectrum, but time favors catchiness over authenticity; their hits sound really good today.

Checking out the web, I see that Gavin’s birthdate is now generally reported as October 30, 1965; at the time, he was apparently shaving two years off his age. When published, this article had one of my favorite author credits ever: Before reporting this story, Gavin Edwards had never heard arenas full of women shouting his name.

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    time favors catchiness over authenticity


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