I Know Times Are Changing

A few weeks ago, I was driving across North Carolina to interview a photographer–but halfway to my destination, I needed to pull over someplace where I could do two crucial interviews for an article I was writing for The New York Times about Originals, the next album drawn from Prince’s vaults. That’s how I ended up spending an hour at a random Hardee’s just off Interstate 87, talking on the phone with Susanna Hoffs and Questlove. (I bought an apple pie I didn’t eat, to justify my time in the Hardee’s booth.)

The album collects Prince’s demo versions of songs he gave away to other artists, and so I also spoke with his longtime collaborators Susannah Melvoin and Jill Jones, plus Troy Carter (advisor to the Prince estate)–and I swapped emails with Jay-Z. The story was a joy to write, and contains the insider scoop on how Prince ate Doritos: “He’d crunch really fast and chew really fast, but his hands were so delicate when he’d reach into the bag.”

You can read the article here.

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