Unlikely Lyrics

The first installment in an irregular series of posts, highlighting some of the more improbable lyrics I run across.

Writing about “Always on My Mind” got me listening to my old Pet Shop Boys albums. Generally, they hold up really well, but Introspective does have a few clunkers. Neil Tennant mispronounces “Debussy.” He fails to use the subjunctive in “I’m Not Scared” (although it wouldn’t matter with 99% of singers, it sounds wrong when Tennant sings “if I was you” instead of “if I were you”). And “Left to My Own Devices” includes this couplet:

When I get home it’s late at night / I pour a drink and watch the fight.

Really, has there ever been a pop star who seemed less likely to be a boxing fan?

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3 Comments on Unlikely Lyrics

  1. Chris M. Says:

    Who says he’s watching a boxing match?

  2. gavin Says:

    You think it’s a catfight on Dynasty or something? Or are you suggesting he’s more of a UFC guy?

  3. Scraps Says:

    Tiny Tim?

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