Log-Rolling in Our Time

I relaunched this website about two months ago and haven’t done much to promote it, other than emailing a bunch of friends to let them know I had found a new way to waste time. But I hugely appreciate everyone who’s linked to it, and this seems like a good moment to be reciprocal:

My new favorite blog is One Poor Correspondent by Tom Nawrocki, formerly of Rolling Stone (he edited a substantial chunk of the Secret Rock Knowledge when it was a magazine column). If you have any interest in the arcana of pop music or Saturday Night Live, you’ll want to check it out. Some recent highlights include the list of rock songs that mention various ages and an epic debate over the chart history of Paul McCartney’s “Coming Up” (I came out on the losing end of that one).

You know the comic strip “Tom the Dancing Bug,” right? You know creator “Ruben Bolling” is a genius, right? He doesn’t seem to have a Los Angeles outlet, so I’m glad he’s started a blog.

Mary Elizabeth Williams, one of the most excellent people on the planet, is now a radio personality and has a brilliant book about her real-estate odyssey coming out next year (it’s called Gimme Shelter), but because this is the Internet, you can have the immediate gratification of checking out her blog. Don’t miss the vintage ’80s photo.

I was surprised, yet delighted, to be linked to by the Cher Scholar blog (a division of the Chersonian Institute, or so I am told).

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