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1988 Countdown #88: Michael Bolton, “(Sittin’ on) The Dock of the Bay”

Back from the commercial break, we are joined again by Kevin Seal, wearing a black jacket over a black t-shirt. “This is the top funky one hundred of 1988,” he says, and then hypes the “Big Bang ’89” New Year’s Eve event later that night on MTV: “We’ll count down the minutes to midnight, in […]

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Log-Rolling in Our Time

I relaunched this website about two months ago and haven’t done much to promote it, other than emailing a bunch of friends to let them know I had found a new way to waste time. But I hugely appreciate everyone who’s linked to it, and this seems like a good moment to be reciprocal: My […]

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1988 Countdown #93: Cher, “I Found Someone”

The video opens with Cher and some boytoy looking at themselves in the same mirror. He’s wearing a white scoop-neck t-shirt, cut low in both the back and the front, and has a big puffy poodle haircut. Cher looks exactly like she did in 1978, or in 1998. The boytoy is fussing with his hair. […]

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