It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad TV Show

The second season of everybody’s favorite new TV show, Mad Men, starts July 27 on AMC. I recently visited the show and saw the capacious set of the Sterling Cooper advertising agency: the desks had IBM Selectric typewriters, the ashtrays were filled with lipstick-stained cigarette butts, and the secretaries were wearing tight dresses and foundation garments. “We all have girdles and weird garters,” said Christina Hendricks, who plays office vixen Joan. “You have no idea how uncomfortable I am right now. It’s like my inner organs are slowly being shifted.”

I wrote a short preview of the new season for Rolling Stone. It’s now up on their website here.

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2 Comments on It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad TV Show

  1. Chris M. Says:

    Very nice job in a very economical space.

    I feel so vindicated by this show’s success — I jumped on board early (started watching from episode 1) and have been evangelizing about it with colleagues in the PR industry and friends. I hope it gets the ratings bump it deserves.

  2. gavin Says:

    I think it will. AMC did a good job promoting it last season, but made it hard to jump on halfway through the season: they didn’t seem to do marathons of episodes, and they also took episodes off “In Demand” after a few weeks, and it’s the sort of show you want to see from the beginning. I didn’t get to catch up until I got a pile of DVDs a few weeks ago.

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