Friday Foto: Flipwalks #27-30

This is a little embarrassing. When I moved across the country last year, I misplaced some of the notes and supporting materials relating to my flipwalks. Specifically, I don’t seem to have any information on flipwalks #28, 29, and 30. (I do have a notebook that seems to have all my notes on flipwalks 31 through 48, happily–so if I can read my three-year-old handwriting, I’ll be in business again after this hiccup.)

As a side effect, I jumbled a few photos: the one previously attached to walk #27 actually belongs with walk #28, so I’ve moved it there and put up the proper photo for #27. The moral of the story is obviously “don’t wait three years to finish artistic projects,” but we already knew that, right? So these new flipwalks lack the usual essay– I didn’t want to delay them any further, but if I turn up any material at a future point, I’ll add that.

As usual, the thumbnails below are teasers: hit the links to see the full photos.


Walk #27 has a new, corrected picture this week. (If for some reason you get the old one, just try refreshing your browser.)


Walk #28 is where that old picture now lives.


That’s Walk #29.


And that’s Walk #30. All four pictures were from February 2005.

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