Holiday Shopping: How to Get Signed Copies of My Books

The holiday shopping season is nigh, and nothing says “I love you” like a copy of The World According to Tom Hanks. Unless maybe it’s a copy of The Beautiful Book of Exquisite Corpses.

I encourage you to buy either of those books from your favorite book purveyor–but if you would like to give your nearest and dearest a copy that’s been autographed by me, your best bet is to get in touch with the cool people at my local bookstore, Park Road Books in Charlotte, North Carolina. They will be happy to sell you a copy of the book and ship it to you, and I will be equally happy to come by the store and sign it before they pack it up (or even to personalize it with your name, or the name of someone you love, or the name “Jeremy” just because you like how that sounds).

Call them up at 704-525-9239, or if you’d rather email them, drop them a line at Operators are standing by.

They currently have copies of The World According to Tom Hanks, The Beautiful Book of Exquisite Corpses, and The Tao of Bill Murray in paperback. If you want a copy of Last Night at the Viper Room, Is Tiny Dancer Really Elton’s Little John?, or The Tao of Bill Murray in hardcover, they should be able to accommodate you, but call them as soon as possible so they get it out to you in a timely fashion. (In any case, my suggestion is that if you don’t want to pay for express shipping, you should order the books two weeks in advance of when you need them–e.g., by December 10th if you want to make sure they arrive before Christmas.)

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