The World According to Tom Hanks Roundup

I’ve been busy with the hurlyburly of having a new book out–did I mention that I have a new book out? It’s called The World According to Tom Hanks: The Life, the Obsessions, the Good Deeds of America’s Most Decent Guy–but in case you missed some of the press notices for the aforementioned new book, I wanted to catch you up.

James Floyd Kelly reviewed the book at the GeekDad website, saying “The World According to Tom Hanks is THE book that fans of the actor deserve.”

Jocelyn McClurg of USA Today named it one of the paper’s five “not to miss” books of the week, observing, “If we didn’t already feel warm and fuzzy enough about Mr. Hanks, now we have that adorable photo of him in a red cardigan sweater from the set of the film (so-far untitled) in which he stars as children’s TV host Fred Rogers.”

And Michael Heaton wrote a column in the Cleveland Plain Dealer about the book (and Hanks’ long-running connections with the city of Cleveland): “It’s an intensely readable book, in large part because Hanks is a genuinely likable guy.”

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