Beck’s got a new album coming out soon, produced by the mighty Danger Mouse. I wrote a news story about it, which is in the new issue of Rolling Stone.

The album’s probably called Modern Guilt; when I spoke with Beck, he kept changing his mind and was trying to make a final decision.

Chinese Democracy is still available,” I pointed out.

Beck laughed. “That has actually been on the list,” he said. He’s not the only artist to consider bogarting Axl’s title. “Everybody’s been waiting for somebody else to do it,” he told me.

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  1. Scraps Says:

    I know it doesn’t really count if it’s a band no one’s heard of, but someone named Savage named their album Chinese Democracy last year.

    I’m surprised that some well-known band hasn’t at least done a play on the title. The only thing I can find is some band named Brainbogs naming an album Chinese Democrazy, which is pretty weak.

  2. gavin Says:

    The Offspring announced that they were going to do it, but it turned out to be an April Fool’s joke. Which is a shame–they were exactly the right act to do it, I think (a prominent but jokey band).

  3. Tom Nawrocki Says:

    Axl actually showed the cover art for Chinese Democracy at one point, so that’s out there somewhere for someone to bogart, too.

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