They Just Turn Their Heads

As you may have heard, this is Robert Downey Jr.’s summer. He’s currently ruling the box office in the hugely entertaining Iron Man, and he’s even better in the upcoming Tropic Thunder (written and directed by Ben Stiller), in which he plays an over-the-top Australian actor who dyes his skin black for a role in a war movie.

It marks the culmination of a long-running comeback (it’s been a while since Downey accidentally fell asleep in somebody else’s bedroom). I interviewed him two and a half years ago, when he was excellent in Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang and Good Night, and Good Luck–I’ve just added the resulting Q&A to the archives.

Sure, you could read an up-to-date cover story on him somewhere else–but where else will he be so snarky about George Clooney, David Fincher, and Val Kilmer? (“Val was still a little bit in fat-king mode from Alexander, but he was dressed English preppie, so he looked like the middle of Act I of The Legend of Greystoke.”)

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