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Rolling in the Deep, 11/26/13

For your reading pleasure as we head into the long holiday weekend, I can suggest a clutch of articles by me on the Rolling Stone website in the past week. You might enjoy my rundown of the celebrity reactions to the magic of David Blaine, my report on the Live Read staging of the Tootsie […]

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Top Five: Double Your Pleasure

Nobody batted an eye at the Beatles releasing two albums in a year. (In 1965, they put out Help! and Rubber Soul, not to mention a movie and a few killer non-LP singles such as “Ticket to Ride” and “We Can Work It Out.” Oh, they also toured the States and John Lennon put out […]

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The Old Pollution

As you may have heard, Beck’s new album, Modern Guilt, comes out next week. (A couple of months ago, I interviewed Beck and wrote a short preview of the album. Beck’s changed some of the song titles since then; after some back and forth, “Beggar’s Shoes” became “Gamma Ray.”) I thought this would be a […]

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Beck’s got a new album coming out soon, produced by the mighty Danger Mouse. I wrote a news story about it, which is in the new issue of Rolling Stone. The album’s probably called Modern Guilt; when I spoke with Beck, he kept changing his mind and was trying to make a final decision. “Chinese […]

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