Rolling in the Deep, 11/26/13

beck-songreaderFor your reading pleasure as we head into the long holiday weekend, I can suggest a clutch of articles by me on the Rolling Stone website in the past week. You might enjoy my rundown of the celebrity reactions to the magic of David Blaine, my report on the Live Read staging of the Tootsie screenplay at LACMA, my review of the all-star concert performing Beck’s Song Reader compositions at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, my extended Q&A with Jared Leto on topics including Dallas Buyers Club and his pink Mohawk, and my piece about the making of the excellent new interactive video for Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone.” (You’ve seen the video already, right?) That piece was pretty much instant gratification: I saw the video the day it came out, wanted to know more about it, got the director on the phone the same day, and my article ran the following morning.

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  1. Tom Nawrocki Says:

    Coincidentally, I just watched “Tootsie” again myself. Teri Garr stole the movie too; I would have given her the Oscar over Jessica Lange. (Although it goes without saying that Bill Murray was the funniest thing in it.)

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