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By the Way, Which One’s Pink?

Congratulations to Alecia Moore, better known as Pink–she and her husband Carey Hart had a baby girl (named Willow) last week. This seemed like a good time to add my article on Pink to the archives–it dates from two years ago, when I visited her down in Melbourne (she’s huge in Australia). I liked Pink–she […]

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The Beastie Boys, Not Cheech and Chong

Somehow I made it through the last twenty years without ever interviewing the Beastie Boys–but no longer. I recently spoke with Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz and Mike D (the M is for money, the D is for Diamond) on a balcony at the Chateau Marmont; Horovitz teased Diamond for getting distracted by the strong aroma of […]

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Employees Must Wash Hands

I checked out The Voice on NBC last week–one episode was more than enough, but I was pleasantly surprised to see Christina Aguilera appoint Australian singer Sia as her “advisor.” I had a short but enjoyable phone conversation with Sia a few years back, for a “10 Artists to Watch” squib that ran on the […]

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Dinner Time

My apologies for the infrequent posting lately–I’ve had a full plate of magazine work, or really several full plates and a salad bowl. One of the recent results is my short profile of songwriter Bonnie McKee in the latest issue of Rolling Stone (where she’s slugged as “Best Secret Weapon”). It’s behind a paywall at […]

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Doctor’s Visit

“Wow, I’ve worked really hard,” Dr. Luke told me last year. “Maybe I deserve a couch.” Luke lost out on the Grammy for “Producer of the Year” last week, but it nevertheless seems like a fine time to add my article on him to the archives. This piece ran in Rolling Stone last April; to […]

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I Make the Rounds

In my continuing series of Rolling Stone articles that aren’t available online to be linked to, I call your attention to my short “In the Studio” visit with Tom Morello, the mad-scientist guitarist in Rage Against the Machine. Contrary to his bristling agit-pop image, he’s a warm, funny guy. Morello’s been working on a new […]

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Behind Door #2

Writing this Lenny Kravitz article was like winning a prize on a game show, specifically Let’s Make a Deal. One day in the spring of 2004, I dropped by the Rolling Stone offices, checking in with various friends and colleagues. One editor, Joe, summoned me into his office and asked if I was free to […]

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All Access Aziz

The latest issue of Rolling Stone, still on newsstands, has an article by me about Aziz Ansari, who you might know from Parks and Recreation, Funny People, Human Giant, or his recent gig hosting the MTV Movie Awards. Since my profile didn’t get Ansari summoned to the White House and then fired,  I have to […]

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Back in Jack

Byline alert: I have a one-page article in the latest issue of Rolling Stone (#1107, Jay-Z cover) about Jack Johnson and the free show he played on the Santa Monica Pier. (There was “valet parking” for bicycles and the light show came courtesy of the Ferris wheel.) As usual, it’s not up on the Rolling […]

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Twenty Seconds

I have a short article on pages 52 and 53 of the new issue of Rolling Stone, a profile of the extremely nice Will Forte: former sitcom writer, current Saturday Night Live cast member, and star of the upcoming movie MacGruber. (Which oddly enough, also includes Val Kilmer and Ryan Phillippe in the cast.) As […]

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