The Beastie Boys, Not Cheech and Chong

Somehow I made it through the last twenty years without ever interviewing the Beastie Boys–but no longer. I recently spoke with Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz and Mike D (the M is for money, the D is for Diamond) on a balcony at the Chateau Marmont; Horovitz teased Diamond for getting distracted by the strong aroma of weed wafting over from another balcony. The resulting article is in the new Rolling Stone (another wisenheimer, Bob Dylan, is on the cover), but you can also read a shorter proto-version of the piece here.

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  1. Tom Nawrocki Says:

    I can’t believe I interviewed the Beastie Boys before you did. I had the honors for a 2004 “How Are You Going to Vote?” roundup. Spoiler alert: They all voted for Kerry.

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