By the Way, Which One’s Pink?

Congratulations to Alecia Moore, better known as Pink–she and her husband Carey Hart had a baby girl (named Willow) last week. This seemed like a good time to add my article on Pink to the archives–it dates from two years ago, when I visited her down in Melbourne (she’s huge in Australia). I liked Pink–she was funny and bawdy and smart. A paragraph that got cut for space reasons, detailing her pain at her (temporary) breakup with Hart:

On a visit to Cabo, Mexico, Pink sat on the beach, crying her eyes out, when she spotted a whale, thrashing majestically through the water. And then, she says, she had a moment of clarity: “I wonder if that whale has any idea what I’m going through.” She laughs at her own self-absorbed anguish: “That whale didn’t understand my problems!”

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