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My apologies for the lack of recent posts; I’ve been very busy, careening around the world on various assignments, which I’ll be able to tell you about as they roll out in the coming months. My two most recent Rolling Stone articles were both reported in Los Angeles, however: I visited No Doubt in the studio, and grooved on their new tracks and their bleached hair. (The resulting piece ran in the summer double issue.) And then I spent a day with Javier Colon, the winner of NBC’s The Voice, tagging along to The Tonight Show and Dodger Stadium (hence the photo below). That article’s behind the Rolling Stone paywall, but can be found on pages 46 to 49 of the current issue. I capped off the evening by accompanying Colon to Universal CityWalk, where Cee-Lo Green was doing a free show, wearing a Travis Bickle shirt and constantly mopping himself with a towel. When he tried to pump up the audience, they played it cool, as L.A. crowds do. “You ungrateful bastards,” he told them. “This is a free show.”

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