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Deep in the Heart of Doritos

My history of Doritos was a story a year in the making; it required a trip to Texas to see the flagship Frito-Lay plant and some detective work to track down the snack’s then-96-year-old inventor, Arch West (who has since died, alas). But you can now read it on the Maxim website, with or without […]

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Got to Run to Keep from Hiding

I recently interviewed Gregg Allman for the second time; the first time was back in 1999, when I trailed him around the United States and wrote an epic history of the Allman Brothers Band. This time was just a phone conversation, but Allman was in good spirits (and recovering nicely from his liver transplant). “When […]

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Jack-Jack Attack

As recently noted by Chris in the comments to a different Jack-oriented article, I have a Q&A with Jack White in the new issue of Maxim (July 2010, with Nicole Scherzinger on the cover), another in the “Icon” series of interviews I’ve been doing for them. We had a short but fascinating conversation about drumming, […]

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Cameron in Charge

Director James Cameron is the third subject in my irregular series of “Icon” interviews for Maxim–my Q&A with him is in the new issue, cover-dated January 2010, with Olivia Munn on the cover. Or you can read it online here. It’s worth a click; Cameron’s a very sharp guy and this is my favorite of […]

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All You Zombies

I have another “Icon” interview in the new issue of Maxim (the October issue, with Audrina Patridge of The Hills on the cover): this time it’s with Woody Harrelson, currently starring in Zombieland. We met at a vegan restaurant in Los Angeles, so naturally, I had a cheeseburger before I showed up. Harrelson ordered a […]

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Hey Diddle Diddle With the Kitty in the Middle

Shotguns, bologna sandwiches, and rehab: that’s the summary version of my recent interview with Steven Tyler, lead singer of Aerosmith. If you want the details, you can pick up the new issue of Maxim (it’s my first piece for them; Joanna Krupa is on the cover), or just read it on their website here. It […]

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