Got to Run to Keep from Hiding

I recently interviewed Gregg Allman for the second time; the first time was back in 1999, when I trailed him around the United States and wrote an epic history of the Allman Brothers Band. This time was just a phone conversation, but Allman was in good spirits (and recovering nicely from his liver transplant). “When I went down for the transplant,” he told me, “I didn’t take my computer down there with me. When I got back, I had 1,118 emails. I just leaned on the old barrel button, and they went in the barrel. But you never know when there’s gonna be a message from some great babe that you haven’t heard from in years, right?

The resulting Q&A is another in my series of “Icon” interviews for Maxim; here’s a link to the article on the magazine’s website (or you can pick up the January 2011 issue, with Katy Perry on the cover). My favorite line that didn’t make it in, on the topic of Allman’s excessive consumption of drugs: “I was doing everything there was to be done. I would have eaten a button off your shirt if I thought it was a pill.”

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  1. Chris M. Says:

    This line from Gregg for the win: “But the ’80s were kind of strange anyway.”

    Too true, Gregg.

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