Jack-Jack Attack

As recently noted by Chris in the comments to a different Jack-oriented article, I have a Q&A with Jack White in the new issue of Maxim (July 2010, with Nicole Scherzinger on the cover), another in the “Icon” series of interviews I’ve been doing for them. We had a short but fascinating conversation about drumming, taxidermy, and being a control freak.

A part of the interview that there wasn’t room to print:

What do you like better–songs about death or songs about love?

They’re the same thing, aren’t they? Falling in love takes up time. And when there’s something new in your world, something has to die in its place. It’s like when there’s two friends, and then one of them gets a boyfriend or a girlfriend, and their friendship suffers. Or when two overweight people are friends, and one of them loses weight–I always feel so sorry for the other one.

For more, pick up Maxim or read the interview on their website.

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