Cameron in Charge

Director James Cameron is the third subject in my irregular series of “Icon” interviews for Maxim–my Q&A with him is in the new issue, cover-dated January 2010, with Olivia Munn on the cover. Or you can read it online here. It’s worth a click; Cameron’s a very sharp guy and this is my favorite of the “Icon” interviews so far.

An exchange that got cut:

Q. Do you dream about your movies?
A. That happened for the first time on
Aliens–you know you’ve been working on the movie for too long when you start to do that. You’re swamped in a sea of minutiae every day, so the dream’s always about a detail you forgot in reel six. I always say making a movie is like “The Old Man and the Sea.” You catch the biggest fish of your life, but you’ve got to get it back to shore before the little fish nibble it away to nothing.

I saw a half-hour of Avatar footage at 7:45 am before interviewing Cameron at 8:30 am; I thought it was eye-popping, but it also gave me a mild case of motion sickness, which makes me suspicious of reports that 3-D is going to be the new business model for Hollywood.

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