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I Shot Andy Warhol

The “I” in that movie title was Valerie Solanis Solanas, who appears nine years later in this excerpt from The Andy Warhol Diaries: Friday, July 8, 1977 By the way, Valerie has been seen hanging around the Village and last week when I was cruising there with Victor, I was scared I’d run into her […]

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Iran (So Far Away)

Another excerpt from The Andy Warhol Diaries: Thursday, July 7, 1977 Cabbed up to the Iranian embassy ($2.50). There were no demonstrators out front. Inside I saw Otto Preminger again and it was the second or third time in a few days, so he asked me what we were going to do tomorrow. I posed […]

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Lights Out

Andy Warhol was at a production of The Cherry Orchard when New York City’s blackout hit; the actors kept going in the dark. “This was the moment these actors had been waiting all their lives for–to make the show go on,” he observed. From his entry the next day: Thursday, July 14, 1977 On TV […]

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Two New Pence to Have a Go

From The Andy Warhol Diaries, a description of a fundraiser for Jimmy Carter at the Waldorf: Thursday, June 23, 1977 We were up in the balcony. When the president came in he went around and shook every single person’s hand in the whole place and that took a few hours. Ann Landers was kind of […]

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Put a Peephole in My Brain

Another entry from the Andy Warhol Diaries. Sunday, July 3, 1977 Some blacks recognized me a few times this weekend, and I’m trying to figure out what they recognize so I can somehow sell it to them, whatever it is.

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They Eat Off of You

The second Warhol/Jackson meeting, as recounted in The Andy Warhol Diaries. The setting is a party in a hotel room before a performance of the Jacksons’ Victory tour at Madison Square Garden: Saturday, August 4, 1984 Rosanna Arquette, the actress, came up and was so sweet, and I asked her if we’d ever done anything […]

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Ease on Down the Road

Andy Warhol had two encounters with Michael Jackson; in between, he did a portrait of him for a 1984 cover of Time (working from photographic reference). This is his account of the first meeting: Wednesday, February 2, 1977 Went home and did some work, then at 11:00 Catherine and I went over to Regine’s to […]

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The Case of the Missing Lobster Pot

More Andy Warhol: Tuesday, June 21, 1977 There was a black guy at the door of the Rainbow Room who didn’t know me and wouldn’t let me in and then another guy came to the door and it turned out to be this guy who always tells me that he wants his lobster pot back. […]

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Send Him on a Pleasant Cruise

Another entry from the Andy Warhol Diaries, this one describing a dinner party. Saturday, June 18, 1977 Mr. and Mrs. Scorsese, Martin’s parents, were there. They’re taller than he is, which is unusual, because kids are usually taller than their parents…. There was a Negro girl with a baby, too, and the guy with the […]

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More and More About Some Useless Information

Another Warhol diary entry starring Bianca Jagger, this time featuring Jade, her daughter with Mick. At the time of this entry, Jade was five years old. Thursday, April 21, 1977 Went with Bob to pick up Bianca to take her to a dinner that Sandy Milliken was giving at his loft in Soho and Jade […]

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