The Case of the Missing Lobster Pot

More Andy Warhol:

Tuesday, June 21, 1977

There was a black guy at the door of the Rainbow Room who didn’t know me and wouldn’t let me in and then another guy came to the door and it turned out to be this guy who always tells me that he wants his lobster pot back. He came to my house with a bunch of people once and says that he brought a lobster pot that he cooked in and then he says it’s still at my house and I don’t ever know what he’s talking about. I go crazy every time this guy starts up because it’s always the same routine! If he sees me in thirty years it will still be: “Give me back my lobster pot.” So he came out and said, “Oh, come right in, Mr. Warhol,” and at first I didn’t recognize him and as soon as we got in the door he turned on me and said, “Where’s my lobster pot?” and I thought, Oh this just can’t be happening to me again. Oh no, oh no no no no no no…. Then the guy had to go back to the door and we got away.

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