I Shot Andy Warhol

The “I” in that movie title was Valerie Solanis Solanas, who appears nine years later in this excerpt from The Andy Warhol Diaries:

Friday, July 8, 1977

By the way, Valerie has been seen hanging around the Village and last week when I was cruising there with Victor, I was scared I’d run into her and that would be a really weird thing. What would happen? Would she want to shoot me again? Would she try to be friendly?

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  1. Tom Nawrocki Says:


  2. Gavin Says:

    Not according to the Diaries, which I shouldn’t trust on such matters; many reviews on their release pointed out the shaky proofreading. Correction made, thank you.

  3. Tom Nawrocki Says:

    Andy probably purposely misspelled her name as a show of contempt.

  4. Gavin Says:

    Heh. These “diaries” were actually spoken to Pat Hackett (for tax purposes), so it’s on her.

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