Holiday Shopping: How to Buy a Signed Copy of One of My Books

So you want to buy a copy of one of my books for a loved one in the upcoming holiday season? Well, I’d certainly recommend that: I’ve got twelve books now, one of which is certain to be perfect for somebody on your list. (I’m particularly partial to my latest, Kindness and Wonder, but it may be that you know someone who’s a big fan of Bill Murray (in which case you might treat them to The Tao of Bill Murray) or Tom Hanks (The World According to Tom Hanks) or River Phoenix (Last Night at the Viper Room) or surrealist drawing games (The Beautiful Book of Exquisite Corpses).)

You can buy my books at your local bookstore (my favorite option!), or at major retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or Powell’s. If, however, you want a copy that’s been signed and inscribed by me, your best bet is to call up my local bookstore, Park Road Books in Charlotte, North Carolina. They will be happy to sell you one or more of my books and ship them to you (or anywhere else in the world you like)—and before they send them out, I will swing by the store with a Sharpie and personalize them.

The phone number for the good people of Park Road Books is 704-525-9239, or you can reach them via They also have a store dog, Yola, who has become something of a local celebrity, but I can’t promise they’ll put Yola on the phone.

If you want a personalized copy (not just signed) to arrive before Christmas, please make your order by Thursday, December 12th, to allow sufficient time for shipping. And whatever holiday you celebrate this winter, I hope it is filled with joy and light.

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  1. Minda Luft Says:

    Kindness is a point that i miss in our culture daily. We get real cold in our hearts. i hope this book will change some minds, every single one counts.

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