Thank You, Cary Regional Library!

On Sunday afternoon, I visited the Cary Regional Library in Cary, NC, which opened only a few weeks ago—it still has that new-library smell. (And it’s apparently been a huge hit: they had thousands of visitors on opening day. Kudos!)

I was there to read from Kindness and Wonder: Why Mister Rogers Matters Now More Than Ever, and I had such a great time with the large, lively crowd (lots of smart questions afterwards, plus somebody who had met Fred Rogers!), I wanted to put up a few photos of the event for posterity.

Me, striving to better explain Fred Rogers’ philosophy through the magic of hand gestures.
Roughly a hundred people in the room, raising their hands to signify that they had spent time in Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.
General merriment with Amy Whitfield of the Cary library!

If you live in Wake County in North Carolina, I strongly recommend that you pay the Cary Regional Library a visit—it’s a gem.

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