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Friday Foto: Papillon

Two and a half years after my last butterfly photo, it seems like time for another one. This one was taken in March, in Runyon Canyon.

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Dizzy Miss Lizzy

You may have heard that Lizzy Jagger, daughter of Sir Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, recently disrobed for Playboy. She also gave an interview in which she addressed such topics as mermaids, tentacles, and her parents–which is of some local interest, since I conducted and wrote up that extremely giggly conversation. Seriously, I’ve never interviewed […]

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The Beastie Boys, Not Cheech and Chong

Somehow I made it through the last twenty years without ever interviewing the Beastie Boys–but no longer. I recently spoke with Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz and Mike D (the M is for money, the D is for Diamond) on a balcony at the Chateau Marmont; Horovitz teased Diamond for getting distracted by the strong aroma of […]

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Employees Must Wash Hands

I checked out The Voice on NBC last week–one episode was more than enough, but I was pleasantly surprised to see Christina Aguilera appoint Australian singer Sia as her “advisor.” I had a short but enjoyable phone conversation with Sia a few years back, for a “10 Artists to Watch” squib that ran on the […]

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Secret Hits

Chris’s comments about Madonna’s chart history, and how her incredible run of top-five singles was interrupted by “Oh Father,” got me thinking about how she never actually released “Into the Groove” as an American single, even though it was everybody’s favorite Madonna song circa 1985 and (I feel confident) would have hit #1. Which then […]

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1988 Countdown: Commercial Break #24

(New to the countdown? Catch up here.) The commercial break kicks off with a time-lapse video. A shadow of the MTV logo glides across a wall. As it moves, black-clad graffiti artists paint the shadow on the wall, resulting in a mural of overlapping MTV logos. It’s a well-conceived, attention-grabbing ten-second spot. Next up: another […]

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Just Like a Muse to Me

A Monday-morning five-star review from the Rolling Stone “Hall of Fame.” Madonna, Like a Prayer (1989) When people talk about Madonna exposing herself, they normally mean her tendency to drop her knickers. But her fourth proper album, 1989’s Like a Prayer, is filled with nakedly emotional songs such as “Promise to Try,” (about her mother, […]

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Friday Foto: Hummingbird

A rare sight: a hummingbird at rest. Photographed last week at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles.

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1988 Countdown #43: Information Society, “What’s on Your Mind (Pure Energy)”

(New to the countdown? Catch up here.) A burbling drum-machine rhythm accompanies quick cuts of four young white synth-poppers, including a boy with Chris Lowe glasses covering his mouth, a girl with black lace gloves covering her ears, and a lead singer covering one ear and one eye. Then a gravelly voice solemnly intones, “Pure […]

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