The Rain Exploded with a Mighty Crash as We Fell into the Sun

Howdy, all readers and friends:

This week marks the six-month anniversary of the redesign of this website and the launch of this blog. Having recently been informed that there are not, in fact, infinite hours in the week, I’m adjusting the Rule Forty-Two publication schedule. I’ve been posting just about every weekday, but I’ll be scaling down slightly to a thrice-weekly schedule. On Mondays, you can expect to see me adding an interview or an article to the archives. Wednesdays will be devoted to the 1988 MTV countdown. Fridays will be for photos, including the flipwalk gallery.

Ruminations on Journey lyrics might happen anytime.

Thank you all for reading and commenting; I feel blessed to have had so many cool visitors in the past six months. (If you have friends who you think would enjoy the site, please let them know about it.) Since some of you weren’t here at the beginning and might be curious, here’s where the site’s name comes from.

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