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Friday Foto: California Desert

Over Memorial Day weekend, we went out to the Palm Springs area. We visited the nearby Joshua Tree park, and I learned that it is almost impossible to take either a good picture or a bad picture of the park–the subject just overwhelms whatever photographic point of view you might bring to it. (Or whatever […]

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1988 Countdown #96: Glenn Frey, “True Love”

Back to Kevin Seal, who looks into the camera seriously, apparently channeling Dan Rather, and says, “’88 was a really heavy year for a lot of us, including Glenn Frey.” Seal then cracks a smile and snarks about Frey for a little while, egregiously dropping the G in the title of his latest album, Soul […]

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Ears Deluxe

Deluxe magazine was a very fine but short-lived men’s magazine in the UK, circa 1998. I knew its editor, Andrew Harrison, because he had been my successor as music editor at Details. (He provided many amusing moments in the office, including his British bafflement at the Offspring: “What is this ‘self-esteem’? I’ve never heard of […]

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1988 Countdown: Commercial Break #2

Another commercial break. The first spot’s for MTV’s “Big Bang ’89,” the live party airing later that night, featuring “music and madness from New York and L.A.” (We see close-ups of those two cities on a map, in case we need some help remembering them, or maybe to help us find them in case we’re […]

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Friday Foto: Q*bert in Paris

I’m going to start posting a photograph once a week: something old, something new, or an entry in the 48 Hours From Ground Zero series. This week: a picture I took last June in Paris. No, I have no idea why a Paris streetcorner has a mosaic of Q*Bert; I only know that on a […]

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1988 Countdown #97: Rick Astley, “Together Forever”

You can watch “Together Forever” here. No, you won’t get Rickrolled–for that to happen, technically you would have to be misdirected to “Never Gonna Give You Up.” But since “Together Forever” was the next Astley single off the Stock-Aitken-Waterman assembly line, it sure feels like “Never Gonna Give You Up, Part 2” or Astley II: […]

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Jetlag Special #2

As promised a couple of weeks ago, I’ve added my 1996 profile of Oasis to the archives. I did most of the interviews for the article in London (I met up with the band again a few weeks later in Boston). I went to the UK on a redeye flight; because I was young and […]

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1988 Countdown #98: Vixen, “Edge of a Broken Heart”

Stiletto boots decorated with silver chains, a dramatically swelling synthesizer, scarves tied to the microphone stand, lots of makeup and hairspray–this must be a hair-metal band! In the case of Vixen, the musicians slathering on the cosmetics were all women. I suppose this qualified as a twist, given that the Sunset Strip metal scene was […]

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They Just Turn Their Heads

As you may have heard, this is Robert Downey Jr.’s summer. He’s currently ruling the box office in the hugely entertaining Iron Man, and he’s even better in the upcoming Tropic Thunder (written and directed by Ben Stiller), in which he plays an over-the-top Australian actor who dyes his skin black for a role in […]

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Beck’s got a new album coming out soon, produced by the mighty Danger Mouse. I wrote a news story about it, which is in the new issue of Rolling Stone. The album’s probably called Modern Guilt; when I spoke with Beck, he kept changing his mind and was trying to make a final decision. “Chinese […]

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