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How I Wrote ‘Elastic Man’

My apologies for the unplanned hiatus: I’m in book crunch mode, which has been soaking up every free minute, and many that aren’t free. But I wanted to let you know about an interview I did for Playboy with Grant Morrison, who has been one of my favorite comic-book writers for many years now. I […]

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This One I Used a Full Keyboard

A short Q&A with the mighty Joe Perry.

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The First Article I’ve Ever Typed and Filed on My Phone

Is this: my short report on the Aerosmith press conference today. While I was waiting to interview the band afterwards (followup article soon), I wrote a rough draft on paper, typed it up, emailed it in, and hello world.

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Here Comes McBride

“He’s one of the funniest improvisers ever,” Seth Rogen told me, speaking of Danny McBride. “But he gets frustrated if you laugh during his take more than ten times, which I constantly do.” For my article on the saga of McBride, and his epic journey from motion-control cameraman to star of Pineapple Express, Your Highness, […]

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Going Out of Business Since 1988

I have an article in today’s Los Angeles Times (my first for that fine publication), about Sub Pop’s unlikely but sustained success in the 21st century. If you live somewhere without easy access to the LA Times, I suggest you click here. If you just want some of the obscenity from executive VP Megan Jasper […]

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The Invisible Art

I have another piece in The New York Times Magazine: this one’s a conversation with David Fincher and his editing team of Kirk Baxter and Angus Wall, breaking down a four-minute sequence in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I’d always wanted to know more about editing: it’s an omnipresent but largely unconsidered aspect of […]

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Artificial Sweetener

I’m always happy to learn more about the state of the art in artificial languages, such as this article in yesterday’s New York Times. If that whetted your appetite for a historical overview of totally made-up dialects, you might enjoy a 1996 Wired article I wrote that delivers exactly that.

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Ouroboros Alert

Today, I give thanks for self-referentiality; over the course of my life, it has made me very happy. And this week, it enabled me to write the oral history of the oral history of oral histories. Happy Thanksgiving.

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Hot Hot Hot

My apologies for the dilatory nature of posting here lately; I’ve been crazy busy working on projects that I can’t actually tell you about yet: although they are awesome, they’re being published anywhere from Halloween 2012 to Christmas 2013. But I’ll have some fun morsels for you shortly, including the next installment of the 1988 […]

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Game 162

On Wednesday night, while most of the nation was glued to their TV sets, watching the best night of baseball ever–except if you’re a Braves or a Red Sox fan, I suppose–I was in Las Vegas, basking in the presence of Elton John. (Sir Elton’s been a big favorite around Rule Forty-Two HQ lately, due […]

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