Game 162

On Wednesday night, while most of the nation was glued to their TV sets, watching the best night of baseball ever–except if you’re a Braves or a Red Sox fan, I suppose–I was in Las Vegas, basking in the presence of Elton John. (Sir Elton’s been a big favorite around Rule Forty-Two HQ lately, due to two small children who love his appearance on The Muppet Show. Highlights of same: Elton sings “Crocodile Rock” to crocodiles, Miss Piggy fills in for Kiki Dee, Sam the Eagle says Elton dresses like a stolen car.) Anyway, I filed a review for Rolling Stone, which you can read here. (Simultaneously, thousands of miles away, Rob Sheffield was reviewing Radiohead at Roseland, also for the Rolling Stone website–that one’s here.)

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2 Comments on Game 162

  1. azul120 Says:

    Lol. I remember that font from MTV.

    Speaking of which, when will you be getting back to the Top 100 of 1988?

  2. Gavin Says:

    Soon, I hope. I’ve had a lot of overlapping projects going the past few months, and I’m afraid the countdown’s gotten short shrift. I’ll try to carve out some extra time (although I don’t know from what).

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