Choose Your Delusion II

This past weekend marked the twentieth anniversary of Guns N’ Roses’ messy yet magnificent magnum opus, Use Your Illusion. Honoring that occasion, the excellent Maura Johnston, music editor at the Village Voice, made herself a single-disc edit of the sprawling two-CD album–something I did for my own entertainment five years ago (although any honoring of the fifteenth anniversary on my part was purely accidental). You can compare my 16-song mix with Maura’s 12-cut selection: we have a surprisingly low amount of overlap (just six tracks)–but like all right-thinking people, we agree that the album should close on “Estranged.” (Thanks to Chris Molanphy for alerting me to Maura’s edit.)

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2 Comments on Choose Your Delusion II

  1. Christian Ruzich Says:

    (Maura Johnston.)

  2. Gavin Says:

    Correction made; that was a brain-freeze moment rooted in the fact that I still think of her as “Starla.”

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