The theater scene in Charlotte used to be better than it is today. (I wasn’t here, but as I understand it, the turning point was a 1996 production of Angels in America that led to court cases and funding withdrawals and the end of some local companies.) But there’s one company in town whose work constantly impresses me: XOXO, led by Matt Cosper.

I recently wrote about XOXO for Charlotte magazine and Cosper was kind enough to let me sit in on some rehearsals and lift the veil on some of his creative mysteries. Two things you should know: (1) I wrote this article before I started working at Charlotte Latin School as their Editorial Director, which is good, because Cosper works there too and it would have felt hinky and conflicted if I had written the article after I arrived. So I’m glad I got this one in under the wire because I think you need to know about XOXO. (2) The article’s headline has been changed online, presumably for SEO purposes: if you read it on the printed page, it was called HE’LL EAT HIS HAT.

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