Bill Murray Update

It’s been over three years since the publication of The Tao of Bill Murray, my book about the philosophy and adventures of America’s prankster god. Delightfully, Bill Murray has continued in his spontaneous ways since then.

The holiday season brought a couple of sightings of Bill in airports: one on Christmas Eve where he had a warm chat with a total stranger, gave her advice on when to get some sun while she was in Florida (between 6 am and 8 am) and ended the whole encounter with a big hug.

Eleven days later, he got on another plane, carrying a box of pizza, and handed out slices to all the passengers around him. Jenny Lawson (“The Bloggess”), whose husband witnessed the event, said, “I told Victor to invite him home for lunch… then I remembered all I have are Atkins bars and ramen but it didn’t matter because they were both catching different connections in Houston.”

Also! Breaking news, albeit two and a half years after the fact!

Via my good friend Joey X, I just got a report of Bill’s antics in the Nevada desert at the Burning Man festival:

“2017, Bill Murray went to the burn and gave out hot dogs at the gate for burners coming in. My pal André got one and the wrapper was signed.”

Photographic evidence, courtesy of André:

Happy new year, Bill.

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