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Holiday Shopping: How to Buy a Signed Copy of One of My Books

So you want to buy a copy of one of my books for a loved one in the upcoming holiday season? Well, I’d certainly recommend that: I’ve got twelve books now, one of which is certain to be perfect for somebody on your list. (I’m particularly partial to my latest, Kindness and Wonder, but it […]

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Thank You, Cary Regional Library!

On Sunday afternoon, I visited the Cary Regional Library in Cary, NC, which opened only a few weeks ago—it still has that new-library smell. (And it’s apparently been a huge hit: they had thousands of visitors on opening day. Kudos!) I was there to read from Kindness and Wonder: Why Mister Rogers Matters Now More […]

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Top Five Songs with “Disco” in the Title That Aren’t Actually Disco

There are many many great disco songs that name-check the genre in the title, and then as often as possible during the song itself, so you don’t forget that you are getting down to a disco beat. But what of those songs that evoke disco so they can hit a less-exuberant emotional note? Pulp, “Disco […]

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Library Visit: Cary, North Carolina

Hello citizens of North Carolina, specifically those in the Research Triangle area, and even more specifically those in the town of Cary! I will be coming to your fair metropolis tomorrow and visiting the brand-new (and by all accounts, gorgeous) library. Let’s format that conveniently: Sunday, November 17 (2 pm) / Cary Cary Regional Library: […]

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Kindness and Wonder: Some Interviews

In the wake of the release of Kindness and Wonder: Why Mister Rogers Matters More Than Ever, I have been doing interviews about Mister Rogers, his neighborhood, and my book with a variety of media outlets. If you want to catch up with them, now is your chance! I visited the show Good Morning Charlotte […]

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